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Easy hosting

A Chocolate Adventure Presenter is holding a party for a new host.
The host was a guest at a previous Chocolate Adventure where she and two other guests saw the rewards achieved – ten percent of party sales in product – and all three booked their own parties.
Presenter and host spoke twice during the last fortnight to confirm date, for reassurance, and to answer questions.

The most rewarding party experience
Arriving 30 minutes early the Presenter sets up her display and as guests arrive, they are warmly greeted.
Samples are handed out as she introduces herself and talks a little about her journey with Chocolate Adventure and her personal goals, the benefits of becoming a Presenter and about Chocolate Adventure’s PALS – Presenter Awards, Learning and Socialising evenings.
Chocolate moulds are poured, fruit and marshmallows are dunked into warm silky fondue and the group’s laughter can be heard four houses away.
Within two hours the Presenter is leaving another very happy host. Real money was made today – partying, and two additional parties have been booked!

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Easy recruiting

We all know that party plan doesn’t suit everyone. In the early days it was mostly stay at home mums who held parties as an easy way to earn extra cash.
This has extended to a broader group – one when asked the question “would 100 dollars a week make a difference?” the answer is yes.
And the money is just the start with a switched on company. Great companies have training programs with rewards and encouragement – Presenters learn how to achieve better results from parties and personal growth.
To have fun, to make money and to make a difference are Chocolate Adventure’s three goals that are promoted at PALS (Presenter Awards, Learning and Socialising) evenings held every month.
There’s no need to hard sell to recruit when guests see how much fun Presenters have being paid to party.
If you have never considered party plan, or you would like to see the results our Presenters are achieving, contact us for the date and venue of our next PALS evening.

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Get the chocolates you want this Easter

The weeks leading up to Easter are a busy time for Chocolate Adventure Presenters with more party bookings than any other time of the year.
Chocolate Adventure parties are about sampling quality chocolates, experiencing warm silky fondues, making moulded chocolates and having lots of fun.
Favourite chocolate samples include ginger, aniseed, coconut roughs and fudge. And our more upmarket range of gourmet truffles, figurines and an exotic dark chilli block are ideal for all true chocolate lovers.

So what are you waiting for?
Receive ten percent of party sales to indulge on yourself when you host a Chocolate Adventure