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Business News

We came to realise that Australia Day is not a holiday when Bunnings, Woolworths and Chocolate Adventure were all open Tuesday this week. We happily responded to questions, emails and fb posts – the only thing that didn’t occur was despatches. We love offering our 1300 246 223 number as your support line, so please never hesitate to use it whenever needed.

Love having you onboard with us – Jay and Kay

On a slightly different note, Cindy and her family are taking a much deserved break and visiting Vietnam. So for this week and next I (Trista) am having a stab at business news. Fingers crossed it is able to hold up Cindy’s high standards.

Transport Options for Conference

Conference is getting closer and we are so looking forward to meeting everyone. So here is a link for different transport options to get from the airport to the hotel. Travel Options This file can be found in One Drive (Non personalised) and in the portal downloads.  All conference information will be located in the conference folder inside One Drive.

Booking Flights hints and tips 

Fluctuating airfares can be hard to monitor for a pattern, but according to the experts the best day to avoid travel was – perhaps unsurprisingly – Friday, which was “consistently the most expensive day to fly”.

Travel organised last minute would struggle to get the cheapest flights on offer because prices would peak about three days before departure. The best time to buy was actually about 50 days ahead of travel.

“Book on a Tuesday – data shows this is the cheapest day of the week to lock-in holiday plans,” Mr Bloomfield said.

“Travel between 6pm and midnight, flights are typically cheaper than early in the morning.”

Lolly Bar Image

The lolly bar picture is now available for you to use. It has been placed in One Drive (Non Personalised) in the catalogue and product info file; and in the portal downloads. One Drive Non Personalised Link. To purchase a lolly bar please click here. 

 Chocad tip

The start of the new year is the perfect time to fill your calender.

Using text, facebook, email and phone calls or any other method you can think of to book a party!

Exposure is out there!
Booths, fairs, expos, fetes, markets, fun runs, car boot sales

You can find an event any time of year, for any demographic (women, bridal, seniors) and in every price range.  Google your city’s Chamber of Commerce for their Community Calendar. Do the same with local civic centres, community centres, shopping centres, tafes, colleges, universities, high schools, primary schools, local library etc.  Contact the person in charge of each event and ask about having a booth.  Make sure you donate a little something to each one – more for the publicity than to gain the winner as a client. Also check out the local councils websites, contact your local, state and federal members and find out what is on this year. Seek out big opportunities with fundraising events or other big celebrations in your local area. Try and find at least one big event to attend each month.

In business with Chocolate Adventure



Our sales for the first half of this financial year are more than double the whole of last financial year. This has been achieved through the terrific effort of both our admin team and the growing number of enthusiastic and talented Presenters. Every business has peaks and troughs, and we’re learning when our quieter times are, and using these times for planning big things.
It’s an incredible feeling being part of a team where we all have the opportunity to support, contribute and gain – Jay and Kay

Conference Registration form

Woo Hoo!!! We’re off and racing ☺  We have uploaded the Chocolate Adventure Conference Registration form and added it to the downloads in the #chocadv portal. We are currently working on extra curricular activities that will be available if you are having an extended stay in Brisbane. We’re also working on all the transport options that are available for our brilliant Presenters and from the airport and getting around Brisbane while you’re here.

Here is the link to the 2016 Conference Registration Form

Bonus Conference points for Presenters in Feb

During the month of February we will be offering 10 points towards our Conference in May (1 point = $1) to Presenters for each new recruit they sign up. This ties in with the February FREE kit upgrade available to new recruits that we emailed out last week!  It’s a great time to build your team with all these bonus options during February. It is the month for love after all…what’s wrong with falling head over heels for Chocolate Adventure!!!
Points accumulation for our 2016 conference will stop at the end of March however, points gained from April 1 onward will count towards our 2017 conference. We will continue to offer our 15/10/5 monthly point system for top three Presenter Sales throughout 2016/2017 ☺

 Chocad tip

FUNdraising at its best!!!

 Contact your local Scouts, Guides and other youth groups. Volunteer to come in and do a project with them, as well as run a Fundraiser for their organization.
Interesting facts about chocolate, pour chocolate moulds, dip marshmallows in melted chocolate and decorate with sprinkles, coconut etc.
You could even teach the kids about safety in the kitchen (safety with fire etc) or quick, safe “after school” snacks they can make themselves.
Leave your order forms and catalogues with them so they can take them home to parents – even better if you meet some of the parents ☺
It’s this type of community involvement that will get your name out there and promote your Chocolate Adventure business.


In business with Chocolate Adventure


We’re sending lots of positive thoughts to Presenters and their families in WA. January seems to be the time for extremes – it was five years ago this week Brisbane was underwater. We’re watching weather forecasts as we despatch now and will pack extra ice or snorkels as required.

Love having you on board with us – Jay and Kay

  Chocadv’s exquisite Valentine’s day promo

You’ll all be excited to see our latest Valentine’s day promo
Filled with delectable products to tempt even the fussiest taste buds and get every couple romance ready!!!
This promo will be released to the public next Monday via email and advertised on the Chocolate Adventure face book page…in the mean time have fun sharing, spruiking and selling this little beauty!!!

 December Recognition 

Congratulations to our three wonderful Presenters who achieved points towards conference last month ☺

Top sales goes to Desley Johnston (NSW) who receives 15 points towards conference
Sharyn McDonald (VIC) came a close second and has been awarded 10 points
Darryl Whittaker who is one of our WA Presenters received 5 points
(One point = $1 towards conference registration cost in May 2016 )

Well done to all Presenters who contributed to a fabulous month in December
The last order received in 2015 was placed by Sharyn McDonald and our first order received in 2016 was placed by Kelsey Schrapel

2016 #Chocadv Planner

Planning and having a plan is a very important tool in the success of any business. #Chocadv has a brilliant planner to help you achieve your goals and keep you on track in 2016. We want you to succeed and have fun doing it ☺ You can download and print the planner by going to Downloads in the Portal (2016 Planner) or you can purchase it through the portal for $17 (Planner Diary 2016, code 9020)
There are lots of great tips and valuable information about how to diarise in your planner so you get the most out of your hours, days, weeks, months and year!!! So, get yourself a cuppa and start planning 😉

February free kit upgrade

During the month of February #Chocadv will be offering a free kit upgrade from our Economy option to our Extravagant option giving your new recruits a whopping $382 worth of value for only $180. A fantastic offer to promote to your hosts and guests at parties or online if that’s how you recruit. It will give their new business venture a great kick start with lots of products to display at parties, markets etc.

 Chocad tip

Exposure for your #Chocadv business is out there!

You can find an event any time of year, for any demographic (women, bridal, seniors, chocoholics) and in every price range. Google your city’s Chamber of Commerce for their community calendar. Do the same with local Civic Centres, Malls, Community Colleges, etc.  Contact the person in charge of each event and ask about having a booth.  Make sure you donate a little something to each one – more for the publicity than to gain the winner as a client.
Don’t forget to get a receipt for each booth you pay a fee for – these can be used as business expense write offs for marketing your business.