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Chocolate Business 31.03.16


It’s no surprise that within our industry our most successful Presenters are those who frequently help others with no strings attached. In the short term you may lose by being helpful in any way you can, however, in the long term you have the chance to build trust and good will, and a great reputation. We’re all loving an early Easter and school holidays – hope you are too. Jay and the team.

Keeping in Touch with Your Recruits

Life gets busy and it’s easy to forget that some times others need our help and guidance to succeed. Staying in touch with your recruits is a very important part of your business – after all, their success is your success!  As Jay touched on above, relationship building is an important part of your family, social and business life.

Are your recruits joined up to our Chocolate Adventure Presenters Facebook page? If not, they could be missing out on important information like upcoming #Chocadv promotions, Chocolate Business, and generally keeping in the loop of what other Presenters are doing to promote their business. It’s also a great way for you to stay in touch with them and post little tips about your successes in the past. Support comes in many different forms and seeing your activity online could be just the motivation they need to work on their business☺

April Madness is Here!!!

This is a great opportunity to add some new and exciting stock to your current range.  You can do this through both of these April madness offers below. The more items you have on display at your parties the more you are likely to sell as people get to see and feel what they are purchasing.
Offer two is particularly great for stocking up for markets or buying extra products to use as samples for your larger parties ☺

#Chocadv tip

Focus on the follow up. Don’t leave your host hanging

Your fun isn’t over when you leave your hostesses home. A few days after the party mail a simple postcard to your host thanking her again for her wonderful party and include information regarding the orders from her party.  You can include info such as expected delivery date of the products, how the order will arrive (products are already bagged and labelled for the guests) and remind her of how great her host benefits are and even what she achieved.

Once delivery of the products has been made follow up with your host again with a phone call. Ask if she received the products and if everything was okay with the order. Let her know that if there are any questions from herself or her guests upon delivery that they can contact you at any time.

If you have customer/host orders delivered to you it is still important to provide follow up. You can instead mail a postcard letting the how know that you had a great time at the party, when you expect to accept delivery and when you will bring the orders to her.

Hostesses like to know that you are available to them more than just the night of the party. Great customer service goes a long way in business.

Your Weekly Chocolate Business 24.03.16


After a weekend of friends staying, I realise I was on the wrong side of most of these rules of conversation. Our industry more than most is successful due to face-to-face contact following these rules.
Listen with attention, show comfort, empathy and interest  •  Build up others (as well as yourself)  •  Keep the conversation harmonious  •  Don’t monopolise the conversation (Duh)  •  Speak about yourself less  •  Make eye contact often, offer frequent smiles and mirror actions  •  Avoid interrupting and finishing sentences for others  •  No indiscreet questions  •  Be gentle, respectful and tactful  •  Avoid unnecessary detail and exaggerating  •  Choose subjects of mutual interest  •  Don’t tell anyone they look tired/unwell or hint it by asking if they had a late night  •  and the one our parents quoted often – say the right thing, or say nothing. Week 13 this week which is a quarter of 2016 done and dusted.
Thank you again for being part of our very special adventure – Jay and the team.

School Fundraising Option

We have finished our fundraising brochures and forms for schools, clubs, organisations and businesses. We are going to trial the fundraising at a local school in Brisbane next term. It will be later in the term as we don’t want Easter affecting our chocolate sales ☺ That way we can see how the process goes and get an idea of how much time Presenters will have to spend on the fundraising and also some feedback from people at the school who’ve had lots of experience in this area.
The introductory letter to Presenters can be found at this link so you can get an overview of the concept.

Are you starting your own Chocolate Adventure Facebook Page?

A little tip this week from Kay, our Presenter care guru is for Presenters to consider when starting their own FB page.  It’s recommend they use their own name then Chocolate Adventure.

For example
Kay Thorne – Independent “Chocolate Adventure” Presenter

After all we want your FRANK (friends, relatives, associates, neighbours and kids friends parents) to be able to find you easily ☺

Only One Week Until April Madness Starts

#Chocadv tip

“Tote”al Advertising

The key to advertising – always represent what you do!

Go one step further from yesterday’s tip and have canvas tote bags made with your business information and give to ladies who are active in your community.  The ideal colour is brown as it depicts chocolate and it’s a neutral colour that most ladies are happy to carry around with them. Offer to give them the bag for free if they promise to use it whenever they are out and about for errands and events.  Have yours personalised with your company name or a Chocolate quote or joke.
All of these are great ways to break the ice and start a conversation 🙂

Chocolate Business 17.03.16


After two months of nothing being lost or arriving melted, and a feeling that Startrack were beginning to care about our chocolates – two startup kits arrived in WA in terrible condition. I’m not a superstitious person however with our current heat, I’m hoping there’s not another one too soon. We’re starting a chart very much like a workplace accident record that counts days since the last person was carted off to hospital. We’re counting the days of perfect deliveries.
We’ll publish it as it gets exciting – Jay

We have some exciting news for Leaders

Training is going to start with Leaders (with two or more recruits) to be able to make contact with people who have made an inquiry about joining Chocolate Adventure.
The closest Trained Leader to a Lead will now be given their details, to do a follow up, and with the training you receive you’ll be well prepared.
The training is really easy and duplicable and we look forward to welcoming many more Presenters to our family because of this more personal and friendly approach. If you are a Leader please expect a phone call from the Presenter Care team in the next few weeks.

The new Presenter Care phone number has arrived and it’s amazing ☺
040 CHOCOLAte – 040 2462652  How easy is that to remember?
If you have any questions about supporting your team, building your business, building your team or maybe you need some motivating or direction please give us a call. We do expect to be busy as we start off so please leave a message or send a text message and one of our friendly team will give you a call back.  We will have some more training news for you next month until then we’ll leave you with this quote
“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step – American Hippie

Are you marketing your business on Social Media?

Do you make the most of the incredible marketing opportunities social media sites offer? Are you interacting with other Presenters, asking questions, sharing your knowledge, advertising your products and services and getting your business name out there for all to see. If you have your own Chocolate Adventure face book page, do you promote it on a regular basis. Do you keep your business cards and catalogues on you at all times? You’ve probably started randomly chatting in a store or in the car park to someone who has been interested in your business. It happened to me in a lingerie shop and the lady was really interested in where I worked and asked for a catalogue…I could have kicked myself that I wasn’t carrying one on me but I said I would drop one back to her and I did! The moral of the story is that you just don’t know where your next host or recruit is coming from so keep those marketing tools on you and action them at all times ☺


#Chocadv tip

Best Business Friend

Not to be confused with a BFF from high school, but BBFs are not the type to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. They are not there to hold your hand, but to push you out of your comfort zone to become a better business person
BBFs are about support, encouragement, and inspiration. BBFs know that there is no such thing as competition, and that there is enough “pie” for everyone.  BBFs have a bond that each other can share openly, safely, between two like-minded business owners.  BBFs are about staying positive, even when things aren’t going well, and laughing at yourself so you don’t take things too seriously.  BBFs will help to throw you back on the “wagon” as needed, and not let you stay on the ground too long.  If you haven’t found your BBFyet, it’s time to do so!