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Chocolate Business 28.04.16

30 sleeps until conference. Our very first conference being held in Brisbane is designed for our
Presenters to be spoilt from the minute they register. Lots of exciting training, motivation and
product releases are planned to provide everyone with a huge, value packed weekend. And for
us in Brisbane week 18 ends with another long weekend at an awesome time of year. Jay and
the team.

May madness

Our two for one product promo runs till the end of May. We hope you’ve been taking advantage of our two for one promo for extra stock for your parties, markets and any other marketing promotions you currently have running. Great for samples at parties or just to keep on hand while out and about so potential hosts can see just how delicious our products are.

Free personalised key ring

Tell us in 50 words or less what excites you about your favourite Chocolate Adventure chocolate product? For example, is it the taste, texture, delightful mix of flavours or smooth creaminess? Is it because you open the packet and the kids devour the lot in under 30 seconds? Is it because it’s always been your favourite type of chocolate from when you were little? Or maybe it’s because it’s a completely new product we’ve introduced and it’s like a totally new party in your mouth flavour? Your testimonial will be used in our marketing material ☺

More May madness

#Chocadv tip

Checking in – Keep aware of what’s happening ☺

Even if it’s simply logging into our portal once a day, you need to know what is going on with Chocolate Adventure.  Trust me when I tell you that WE are just as busy as you are working on things such as viewing current shipping options, introducing new products, working on current specials and promotions for you to enjoy and share and updating marketing material etc. Some of this information you will need share with your hosts, guests and potential recruits to not only be masterful in customer service, but also to avoid added and unnecessary stress when it comes to delivery of ordered products and having the general knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes. We’re always happy to let you know what we’re working on behind the scenes.


Chocolate Business 21.04.16


During WWII British ration packs included a small block of vitamin enriched dark chocolate for their troops. US ration packs also included a small chocolate block which was almost inedible, making sure it was eaten when needed, and not as a dessert. Mikkii has joined our team as admin guru and you’ll start seeing her replies to emails as she becomes established in her role. Qld has the next two Mondays as public holidays. Phone calls and emails will be answered; however, weekend orders will be despatched Tuesday.
Glad to be showing our past and present soldiers respect on Monday. Jay and the team.


Congratulations to all the fantastic Leaders who have spoken with a Presenter Care person to receive their Initial inquiry training. Hopefully with your lovely personality and wonderful charm these potential Presenters will be jumping to join your team. Head Office have already started sending inquiries to you so keep an eye out for more. To become a Leader, you need to have two recruit partners join you.

If you’re not a Leader, don’t feel left out as you can also use the “Initial inquiry – Distance spiel” which been uploaded to the One-Drive Non-Personalised folder – this link has already been sent to you. It’s also available in the portal downloads. This document will help guide you when contacting people you already know that are interested. Here is the LINK to the One-Drive Non-Personalised article

If you need any support with building and looking after your team or just a chat to get motivated please give the
Presenter Care line a call – 0402 462 652 – (040CHOCOLAte) – Presenter Care

Product Release Timeline guide for Presenters

Our amazing product development master Trista has put together this very informative Product release timeline with lots of hints and tips about promoting our exciting newly released products, catalogue inserts and promotions. It’s a great read and you’ll find it in the portal and the non-personalised one drive folder (link above)

#Chocadv tip

Encourage excellent customer service Not only is it important for you, but for your team!

We discuss customer service a lot within our On Track training; after all it is a very important aspect of any successful business.  But it’s not just your immediate business you should focus on, encourage your entire team to practice the best customer service.
Explain to your team the importance of customer service and customer care. By all using the same “practices”, your customers will always know what to expect in the instance of having to pass along a party or order. It’s amazing how these customer service principals can have a domino effect in party orders, profit and potential new recruits all the while you’re having fun supplying fabulous chocolates to your customers ☺


Chocolate Business 14.04.16


There’s extensive research that shows women tend to be more holistic, think more broadly and are more attuned to environmental and social concerns. Women are more in tune with relationships, women think more about themselves in relation to others, see themselves as more connected to others, and naturally think about the implications for others. And to top it off, women tend to be more inclusive and ask more questions. And we love the men who adopt these qualities.
We love doing what we’re doing – and what you’re doing. Jay and the team.

May Specials – PLUS an Extra Offer for Hosts in June

We have put together two fabulous offers for your valued customers and hosts in May and June.
When your hosts book and hold their Chocolate Adventure parties in June they will receive an EXTRA HOST REWARD on top of our already generous host gift pack and 10% of party sales towards their own purchases (See below for details). The A4 double sided flyer for this promo are available in downloads and one drive non-personalised stationery folder for easy printing.

Presenters are welcome to purchase the wine glass pens separately to have in your kit prior to the promo
(standard postage costs apply)

Clarification of Freight Costs for Parcels

Each party order is $12.50 per delivery address. $2.50 is paid by each guest on their order if all orders are going to one address (i.e. the host). Individual party guests can still order individual delivery but it is $12.50 total so they have the usual $2.50 on their party order plus you enter the $10 extra delivery code (9999) so it adds up to $12.50. If all orders are going to one address, say the host, then there is no need for the extra $10 code to be used at all when ordering in the portal ☺ You need to use code 9999 as part of that particular guest’s order as it adds the $10 in and the $2.50 is already added in automatically. If at this point you could email the guests address and phone number to – things will run smoothly this end. If there are less than five (5) guests ordering at a party, then the Presenter makes up the postage shortfall.

Update Your Personal Details

We all know that time flies by faster than we realise and if you have changed your mobile details, email address, postal address or any other relevant personal contact information then please send it through to us. If you think you may have different contact details to what you gave us when you first signed up with Chocolate Adventure, then please send through your new details to
We don’t mind if we already have those details on file but we would like to make certain we have the correct details for all of our Presenters so we can contact you if need be ☺

Presenter Care – Add to Contacts

If you would like support in your Chocolate Adventure business please remember about  the Presenter Care phone number 0402462652 (040CHOCOLAte) – add this number to your contacts so you’ll know who is calling ☺
We are loving being able to lend a helping hand, being here for you with ideas on how to improve your business in whatever way you need.
Sometimes with your up-line, life can get in the way, so please don’t feel you are out on a limb, give us a call, to say “Hi” and if we can’t answer your call straight away we’ll get back to you ASAP – Presenter Care

#Chocadv tip

Get real – setting realistic goals

Set realistic goals for yourself and your business. Be realistic about your goals, set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals for your business.  Goals can be anything from how many phone calls you will make today to achieving the next level of leadership (helping your recruits succeed) within the year. Be realistic, don’t sell yourself short, but don’t set yourself up for failure either.