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20 Twitter Hashtags That Will Turn You Into an Entrepreneurial Rock Star


Great Hashtags to use for Twitter and you can also utilise these for Facebook as well. Great free way to improve SEO. (The way Google search engines find things when searches are done) Try including Hashtags in all of your social media. Click HERE for full article.

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Our Famous Chocolate Fondue


Chocolate Adventure #1 Fondue.

Our famous Fondue. The perfect thing for every occasion. Our 7 piece sets are now available in Red, White and Mixed.

ONLY $30 for a full 7 piece set.


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Attitude is Everything


The secret to being successful and achieving everything you dream about is all in your attitude. Check out this podcast and see how it has helped Tracy to overcome her challenges. Click HERE for podcast.

Content Includes:
How Tracy got started with direct selling
How to beat your busyness
What’s so interesting about attitude?
How to handle people with attitude issues
Tips on overcoming your personal attitude
Should you care about your attitude as a business person?
Daily habits to help you succeed
Tracy’s recommended resources to help you succeed in direct selling
Should you get a mentor?
What excites Tracy about this business