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Chocolate Business 10/11/16


Years ago at a breakfast function I by chance became involved in a conversation. That conversation led us to carpooling to more functions and many more conversations. The friendship has become so strong that we continue to meet weekly. It’s nice to appreciate great friendships and the fate that brought our roads to cross. Jay and the chocolate loving team at admin.

Delivery time

Orders are processed and despatched within two working days of final payment and most often the next working day. We use Startrack who are affiliated with Australia Post. A tracking ID is emailed directly to Presenters. It is important that Presenters forward to their customers as approx dates of arrival are included.
The following is a rough guide to arrival dates.
1 to 4 business days
3 to 6 business days
WA and NT
5 to 10 business days
Add 1-2 business days for non-metro
Add 1-2 business days for busy times

During peak periods, such as Christmas and Easter we recommend being cautious about promising specific delivery dates

Spring cleaning your business

Make new goals, and assess if your current systems holding you back. This video explains how Julie Anne Jones completes her spring clean. Well worth a look, as she explains how she does it and why.

As a part of your spring clean, conduct a review of your Social media content on page 119 of our complete guide

Yearly social media review

Once a year conduct a review of your previous social media contents. This will help you know which mediums and posts got you the most responses and which was the most effective and efficient you can be. To help you do this complete a visual checklist and consider completing a Facebook visual planner each year. These files are located in OneDrive.

#chocadv tip

Ever notice that with children they tend to want a specific toy? For example a specific toy that’s rolled under the couch, never mind there are five other toys on the floor in the house, the child wants THAT toy and will do ANYTHING to get it! So we ask you, what is YOUR toy? What is it that YOU want that no matter what you will spend as much time as possible to obtain? More money? More Parties? A bigger team? More importantly, what is your “couch”? What is holding you back from grabbing that toy? Identify it and then work towards a way to move that couch out of the way so you can get YOUR toy!