Chocolate Business 2.2.17

Welcome to 2017 
A little late in getting sorted early 2017 hasn’t meant anybody’s been slacking off • particularly Presenters who are selling and recruiting like it’s May madness already. We’re at a wonderful stage in business where we are bursting at the seams and striving to get to the next step without over capitalising. We’re looking forward to a remarkable year, and love having your involvment while making your own adventure. Cindy is off with a sick husband (home now after a stint in hospital) and Mikkii is getting her wisdom teeth removed after major swelling took over a face we liked just as it was. Annette has joined us in a social media role and has been ordered to promote more freebies. Until next week, Jay and the chocolate loving team at admin.
Jay and Annette hard at work


Our top three Presenters in January have achieved 10 points each towards our 2017 conference Congratulations to

Stephanie Bushnell (WA)
Vanessa Adams (WA)
Kate Ryan (VIC)

(One point = $1 towards conference registration cost in 2017)

Special mentions

Krystal Beurskens (NT) for gaining a full-time role
Stephanie Liddiard (WA) for beginning Tafe
Christine Daley (NSW) for becoming active
Vanessa Whittall (WA) for overcoming personal adversity
Tara Lee (NSW) for booking in to attend an August expo

Welcome to the team

Tara Franklin QLD

Linda Kratzman QLD
Kylie Reeves VIC
Tenielle McDermott TAS
Tracy Dunham QLD
Angela Hewasiribaddana VIC
Fleur Nicholls QLD
Sarah Goss TAS
Jodt Hitchens QLD
Elizabeth Knight QLD

Earn 10% extra commission in February

Due to our catalogue mix up in January we are running this promotion again in February.
Commit today!

February kit upgrade

During February all economy kits will be automatically upgraded to extravagant.
The perfect opportunity to sign up new recruits.

#chocadv tip

From time to time when running multiple Facebook parties simultaneously, you may find yourself in Facebook jail. Facebook jail is a temporary ban for a set time that Facebook imposes when it thinks you are spamming other users. There is no way to remove yourself from jail other than waiting it out.
Below is a list of ways you can avoid jail.
Operate your business from a business page, not a personal profile
Limit how many parties are running simultaneously
Rotate your graphics so that they are not all posted at
the same time and in the same order
Eg. Party 1 graphics are posted 1,2,3,4,5; Party 2 graphics are posted 5,4,3,2,1
Slightly change the wording with each post you send out
Try to avoid posting to multiple pages or events in a short period of time
Try to avoid friend requesting people you do not already have an established relationship with
Try to avoid private messaging people you are not already friends with
Only use images you are 100% certain you have permission to useFor a more detailed explanation please check out
How to Avoid “Facebook Jail” or “Facebook Time Out” for Your Direct Selling Business by Karen Clark.

Presenter support line to provide support, motivation, empowerment and to
help you build your Chocad business 0433 432 299
All admin enquiries for ordering, payment, freight, tech support etc 1300chocad (1300 246 223)

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