Chocolate Business 02.03.2017

I often click the Google Doodle • a few days ago Edhi an Indian gentleman was showcased. He created the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network and lived modestly his whole life. I love his slogan: “Live and help live”. I volunteer to help other people as much as escaping from the everyday crisis management we all face  ~ a win win for all involved. ☺ Jay and the chocolate loving team at admin.

Easter eggs
Easter eggs started to be included in despatches yesterday which will continue until Easter. They are seriously great quality Italian chocolates • definitely worth spruiking about. 45 days until Easter Sunday and all of them shopping days at Chocolate Adventure.

#Chocadv wacky horoscope
A treacherous and dark mood will improve after last week’s full moon, leaving a small chance of locating lost allsorts. Your poorly placed pitiful lives were no match for the Oscars glitz and glamour so trust a full packet of twirls to remain unscathed after the not fake news that seven bodies were found orbiting a dim star both at the Oscars and somewhere else a little bit out of this world. Your week ahead will include an order for white raspberry bullets and swirling around unrecognisable amongst other space debris are your lucky codes 1606 and 1622.

#chocadv tip
Chocolate Baskets • Ask local hotels and B&Bs for permission to set up “Lobby Baskets” filled with our small sample bags. Check back often to refill and rotate with current stock and marketing offers. Create incentives exclusively for customers who make contact after seeing a basket.

Link to conference registration  form

Our presenter hotline for support, guidance and motivation is more popular than Lifeline and Pizza Hut ► 0433 432 299
For other enquiries including ordering, paying, Startrack tracking and tech support ► 1300chocad (1300 246 223)

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