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Chocolate Adventure’s chocolate fact


Click here: to find your nearest Presenter

Alternatively, if you would like one of our Presenters to contact you, simply click here: to send in your contact details and location

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Chocolate Adventure’s Chocolate Fact


Click here: to find your nearest Presenter

Alternatively, if you would like one of our Presenters to contact you, simply click here: to send in your contact details and location

Preview our delicious catalogue here:








In business with Chocolate Adventure



Our sales for the first half of this financial year are more than double the whole of last financial year. This has been achieved through the terrific effort of both our admin team and the growing number of enthusiastic and talented Presenters. Every business has peaks and troughs, and we’re learning when our quieter times are, and using these times for planning big things.
It’s an incredible feeling being part of a team where we all have the opportunity to support, contribute and gain – Jay and Kay

Conference Registration form

Woo Hoo!!! We’re off and racing ☺  We have uploaded the Chocolate Adventure Conference Registration form and added it to the downloads in the #chocadv portal. We are currently working on extra curricular activities that will be available if you are having an extended stay in Brisbane. We’re also working on all the transport options that are available for our brilliant Presenters and from the airport and getting around Brisbane while you’re here.

Here is the link to the 2016 Conference Registration Form

Bonus Conference points for Presenters in Feb

During the month of February we will be offering 10 points towards our Conference in May (1 point = $1) to Presenters for each new recruit they sign up. This ties in with the February FREE kit upgrade available to new recruits that we emailed out last week!  It’s a great time to build your team with all these bonus options during February. It is the month for love after all…what’s wrong with falling head over heels for Chocolate Adventure!!!
Points accumulation for our 2016 conference will stop at the end of March however, points gained from April 1 onward will count towards our 2017 conference. We will continue to offer our 15/10/5 monthly point system for top three Presenter Sales throughout 2016/2017 ☺

 Chocad tip

FUNdraising at its best!!!

 Contact your local Scouts, Guides and other youth groups. Volunteer to come in and do a project with them, as well as run a Fundraiser for their organization.
Interesting facts about chocolate, pour chocolate moulds, dip marshmallows in melted chocolate and decorate with sprinkles, coconut etc.
You could even teach the kids about safety in the kitchen (safety with fire etc) or quick, safe “after school” snacks they can make themselves.
Leave your order forms and catalogues with them so they can take them home to parents – even better if you meet some of the parents ☺
It’s this type of community involvement that will get your name out there and promote your Chocolate Adventure business.


In business with Chocolate Adventure


We’re sending lots of positive thoughts to Presenters and their families in WA. January seems to be the time for extremes – it was five years ago this week Brisbane was underwater. We’re watching weather forecasts as we despatch now and will pack extra ice or snorkels as required.

Love having you on board with us – Jay and Kay

  Chocadv’s exquisite Valentine’s day promo

You’ll all be excited to see our latest Valentine’s day promo
Filled with delectable products to tempt even the fussiest taste buds and get every couple romance ready!!!
This promo will be released to the public next Monday via email and advertised on the Chocolate Adventure face book page…in the mean time have fun sharing, spruiking and selling this little beauty!!!

 December Recognition 

Congratulations to our three wonderful Presenters who achieved points towards conference last month ☺

Top sales goes to Desley Johnston (NSW) who receives 15 points towards conference
Sharyn McDonald (VIC) came a close second and has been awarded 10 points
Darryl Whittaker who is one of our WA Presenters received 5 points
(One point = $1 towards conference registration cost in May 2016 )

Well done to all Presenters who contributed to a fabulous month in December
The last order received in 2015 was placed by Sharyn McDonald and our first order received in 2016 was placed by Kelsey Schrapel

2016 #Chocadv Planner

Planning and having a plan is a very important tool in the success of any business. #Chocadv has a brilliant planner to help you achieve your goals and keep you on track in 2016. We want you to succeed and have fun doing it ☺ You can download and print the planner by going to Downloads in the Portal (2016 Planner) or you can purchase it through the portal for $17 (Planner Diary 2016, code 9020)
There are lots of great tips and valuable information about how to diarise in your planner so you get the most out of your hours, days, weeks, months and year!!! So, get yourself a cuppa and start planning 😉

February free kit upgrade

During the month of February #Chocadv will be offering a free kit upgrade from our Economy option to our Extravagant option giving your new recruits a whopping $382 worth of value for only $180. A fantastic offer to promote to your hosts and guests at parties or online if that’s how you recruit. It will give their new business venture a great kick start with lots of products to display at parties, markets etc.

 Chocad tip

Exposure for your #Chocadv business is out there!

You can find an event any time of year, for any demographic (women, bridal, seniors, chocoholics) and in every price range. Google your city’s Chamber of Commerce for their community calendar. Do the same with local Civic Centres, Malls, Community Colleges, etc.  Contact the person in charge of each event and ask about having a booth.  Make sure you donate a little something to each one – more for the publicity than to gain the winner as a client.
Don’t forget to get a receipt for each booth you pay a fee for – these can be used as business expense write offs for marketing your business.


In business with Chocolate Adventure


We’re expanding!! And it’s not from eating too much chocolate. We’ve split the seams at our current location and have acquired a much larger area where our office, packing and despatch will all happen under the same roof. Great news for our team and for your orders. We’ll post photos as soon we look respectable. And a quote from Virgil an old Roman Poet – “They are able who think they are able.” Lots of different versions of this floating around, all with the same meaning. Stay safe and festive as the holiday season winds to an end – Jay and Kay

Brand new kit options ☺

We have introduced new options for the Start up kits in 2016. They are packed with amazing Chocolate Adventure products which will make any display look deliciously good!!! We will still honour December kit prices if that is the preferred option

Conference update

We’ve done it!!! We’ve booked our Conference Venue in Brisbane City for May 27, 28 and 29, 2016.
It’s Chocolate Adventure’s very first conference and we’re so excited about it here at head office. If you have received points towards conference over the last six months
Here is a the link to the conference venue for your perusal.Great airline websites to have a look at are Webjet and Skyscanner and you can sometimes get great deals through the Flight Center.Conference cost $200
The cost of a twin share room per night is $125

George Williams Hotel – Brisbane CBD

Chocad tip

Direct Selling information Online

There are many websites that offer a vast array of valuable information on direct selling.  You’ll find that most of this information is FREE for you to read and browse as you have the time. It can be very motivating to read other success stories of people just like you. You can even sign up to a few and receive their hints and tips on methods of direct selling which can give you some fantastic ideas to improve your Chocolate Adventure business.

These sites have great audio training methods, Social media strategies with steps for building your business online. You will also find Leadership tip so you  help your recruits succeed which in turn helps you boost your commissions. There is also information on Facebook groups and how to hold conference calls and lots of other valuable information. Here is a link to one of these pages if your’re interested in having a look now

Host reward clarification

To qualify for the host reward the minimum requirement for a party is the Host and four guests.
The order form therefore must consist of five paying guests (including Host)

One drive stationery update

A new link to your personal OneDrive will be sent via email today to each Presenter so please keep an eye on your inbox. If you have updated your information please go to “My Profile” in the portal and update your personal details and let us know if you didn’t receive your link.

We’ve updated the kit options in the Presenter Business Pack and deleted the old application form and uploaded the New Application Form into the non-personalised folder.

In business with Chocolate Adventure


We hope 2016 brings all of our wonderful Presenters happiness and prosperity in all of their pursuits. It’s going to be a fantastic year for Chocolate Adventure with our very first conference coming up in May. We have released our new 2016 Catalogue which has many new exciting products available and we hope to discover even more fantastic ideas so that our 2017 catalogue is bigger and better and offers more choices to your valuable customers.

2016 Catalogue Information

Our 2016 catalogue has created many comments both good and not so good regarding pricing. A new line – “Sweet As Bars” hits the jackpot. Our mark-up is consistent within our food products and includes many factors. We don’t have the negotiating power of the big retailers (the ability to screw little guys), and we’re kind of glad about this. Your guests will always pay a higher price than the big retailers, and hence we have included many products that are unavailable at major stores. We also include a small percentage to cover expected price rises from our suppliers as many consumables and transport costs will for sure increase during 2016 and our catalogue lasts a year, not a week. We may have made a mistake with “Sweet As” bars, and will rectify if we’re able to quickly in the new year. If the big chains do not include the bars in all stores nationally or raise their prices after the new release, we will keep our price as listed which will enable our Presenters to sell where they are not easily available – and earn more commission due to the higher price. We’ll keep all Presenters informed as we make decisions and why.

Most of you would now have your hands on our colourful new catalogues! Our wonderful product development specialist Trista has been negotiating with current suppliers over the last few months as well as sourcing new suppliers to secure top quality chocolate and confectionery at great prices. We’ve been focusing on bringing unique Australian made products to you at the best price we can so you can deliver these to your wonderful hosts and their guests.
If you are an active Presenter and you haven’t received your catalogues in the post please contact admin@chocolateadventure and we will update your details in our system 🙂

As a Party Plan Company, our main aim is to bring friends together to enjoy chocolate in an environment where everyone feels comfortable and can compare their favourite chocolates and lollies ☺ talk about life in general and taste test our delicious chocolate. We prefer it if your guests have lots of fun and laughter along the way too!!!  With an abundance of variety in the new catalogue there are products to satisfy almost everyone’s tastes and great gift ideas too for those hard to buy for friends and family members.

Here at Chocolate Adventure head office we like to focus on brilliant customer service, the convenience of home delivery and delivering products and service as suggested throughout the year from customers and Presenters.  We are always open to your suggestions, feedback and positive criticism, this way we can continually strive to make Chocolate Adventure the best Party Plan business in Australia. We want YOU to succeed and any information you can give us that will help us do that is very valuable information to us ☺

We have kept the delivery prices the same for 2016.  The cost of freight is continually on the rise (as we all know) but we decided it was better to keep the cost steady which keeps it affordable for our Presenters, hosts and guests.

We’ve incorporated a few new product ideas into the 2016 Catalogue which we feel will boost your marketing capabilities to different guest groups. The lolly bars for kids birthdays parties are sure to be a topic of conversation among the Mums as they are products that you can’t buy anywhere else (it’s these chats that will help promote your business and get more hosts) and kids will LOVE them!!! Also we have the bonboniere options for engagements, weddings and wedding anniversaries.

Orders for all products and Catalogues can be made from midday on January 1. We may all be feeling a little tired and under the weather on New Years Day so hopefully we don’t get inundated with orders haha!  Of course, as always, we will process them as quickly as humanly possible ☺

Happy Holidays

We hope you’ve all enjoyed wonderful Christmas celebrations with your family and friends. 

Stay safe over the holiday break and all the best for 2016

It’s going to be a fantastic year!!!

Chocad Tip

Bounce Back
Creating a reason for customers to come back

Do you find a lull in sales in certain times of the year, such as the start of a new year?  Do you want to build up your customer loyalty and repeat ordering percentages? Why not offer a “bounce back” incentive. This can be a free bonus product, a percentage off or some other special offer. Print out your Bounce Back coupons/incentive information and include in each person’s order during a specific time period (perhaps November and December customers) to redeem during a particular week, month etc. (such as the first two weeks in January, Easter or Christmas when sales would otherwise be slower). Include these with every order that you receive and this will help encourage repeat ordering from what may have been a one-time customer and boost sales in particular slow periods.

Non-personalised stationery link

As you’re all aware we have a link to one drive which has all of our marketing material available for you to print, use on Social media etc.  If you need anything in higher def for banners, car stickers/magnets etc please just let Jay know and she will upload the file or email it to you 🙂
We’re always here to help you grow your Chocadv business

Non-personalised Stationery

A friendly reminder…

Our office will be closed from Friday 18 Dec COB – Monday 4 January
You can still contact us at
We’ll remain active on Facebook and continue publishing Business News on Thursdays.
From the excited team at Chocolate Adventure ☺

In business with Chocolate Adventure


Isn’t She a Beauty!!!

Exciting news!!!
Jay has been working tirelessly on the 2016 catalogue and it looks absolutely amazing!
With a slightly different layout and lots of exciting new products inside, you’re sure to be surprised 🙂
All active Presenters have had copies posted to them so your Chocolate Adventure business will have a fantastic start in the New Year

Happy Holidays
With this business news being our last for this year, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and exciting 2016

We hope you all stay safe and you share joyous times with your family and friends over the holiday break.

Chocad Tip

Pack your host kit for success in 2016

The host kit is a VERY important part of your business as a Presenter and a way to keep your host excited about her party, give her details on what you expect from her and maximize the party to be its very best!

Key elements for a successful Host Kit are:
Host letter – Thank the hostess for booking; let her know about ordering and party policies (cancellation etc) and instructions and guest list requirements.
Hostess program/benefits, guest list and catalogues.
Theme party descriptions – if you offer these.
Games you’ll be playing – Such as “how well do you know your chocolate” quiz or tic-tac-toe

Your business opportunity information – this is crucial as it’s your first recruiting seed with your hostess.
Your hosts are your #1 BEST potential recruit at a party!
You never want to overwhelm your host but you want to make sure that you have all the proper tools for your host in a nice neat packet to make it easier for her to host and she’ll tell all her friends how fun and easy it was to host a party with you!

A friendly reminder…

Our office will be closed from Friday 18 Dec COB – Monday 4 January
You can still contact us at
We’ll remain active on Facebook and continue publishing Business News on Thursdays.
From the team at Chocolate Adventure

In business with Chocolate Adventure


News From Chocolate Adventure

We’re feeling a bit like elves – sacks of orders arriving, creating wonderful presents and yes, there’s a fair bit of jolly chaos. Major difference is we won’t be competing with reindeers for airspace on Christmas Eve. Startrack are operating all days apart from public holidays, so we expect all orders to find their homes long before the fat man starts ho ho ho(ing). A non-boring set of stats will be included in next week’s final business news for the year to let Presenters know how much we’ve grown during the last 12 months. This is naturally due to the fantastic effort by every Presenter. $30 orders through to $800 orders are all adding up to show that our crazy Chocolate Adventure might have legs.

Hope you stay jolly and cool (we’re repeating the cool bit) – Jay and Kay

Fair Dinkum!!!

Three MORE new exciting product additions for Chocolate Adventure’s 2016 ‘new look’ catalogue.

A sneak peak for Presenters only – keep it under wraps 😉

Sultanas (dark)

Solid milk chocolate hearts

Almonds (milk)

New Catalogue, New Start Up Kits, New Year…so much exciting news!!!

Along with the introduction of our exciting “new look” catalogue in 2016 we will also be changing the start up kits for new Presenters. Our prices will be increasing on these new kits in January 2016, however, we will be running the FREE KIT UPGRADE offer again in January to all new Presenters that sign up for the Chocolate Adventure of their life!!!

 Chocad Tip

New mum’s kit!

Contact local hospitals and ask for the human resources department. The majority of hospitals hand out new mummy bags filled with products, samples and other useful items for new mums who’ve just had a baby (or babies!).  It’s FREE for you to add in a brochure and your business information! It is possible you’ll get an influx of party hosts, new customers and new recruits by participating in these types of programs.
What new Mum doesn’t need an energy hit after all that labouring effort?

December Promo

This Christmas season, Chocolate Adventure is giving away a 200g Bold ball trio to every host.
These delicious morsels are crunchy on the outside and filled with a delightful soft chocolate center – is your mouth watering?

So…Chocadv party hosts will now receive:

Our Chocolate Adventure gourmet gift box,
10% of party sales towards their order,
AND a bonus packet of bold ball trios.

A friendly reminder…

Our office will be closed from Friday 18 Dec (COB) – Monday 4 January
You can still contact admin if necessary:
We will also be available to answer questions and queries on Facebook and Business News will continue to be published each Thursday.
Have a happy and safe start to your holidays, from the team at Chocolate Adventure.