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Chocolate Business 02.03.2017

I often click the Google Doodle • a few days ago Edhi an Indian gentleman was showcased. He created the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network and lived modestly his whole life. I love his slogan: “Live and help live”. I volunteer to help other people as much as escaping from the everyday crisis management we all face  ~ a win win for all involved. ☺ Jay and the chocolate loving team at admin.

Easter eggs
Easter eggs started to be included in despatches yesterday which will continue until Easter. They are seriously great quality Italian chocolates • definitely worth spruiking about. 45 days until Easter Sunday and all of them shopping days at Chocolate Adventure.

#Chocadv wacky horoscope
A treacherous and dark mood will improve after last week’s full moon, leaving a small chance of locating lost allsorts. Your poorly placed pitiful lives were no match for the Oscars glitz and glamour so trust a full packet of twirls to remain unscathed after the not fake news that seven bodies were found orbiting a dim star both at the Oscars and somewhere else a little bit out of this world. Your week ahead will include an order for white raspberry bullets and swirling around unrecognisable amongst other space debris are your lucky codes 1606 and 1622.

#chocadv tip
Chocolate Baskets • Ask local hotels and B&Bs for permission to set up “Lobby Baskets” filled with our small sample bags. Check back often to refill and rotate with current stock and marketing offers. Create incentives exclusively for customers who make contact after seeing a basket.

Link to conference registration  form

Our presenter hotline for support, guidance and motivation is more popular than Lifeline and Pizza Hut ► 0433 432 299
For other enquiries including ordering, paying, Startrack tracking and tech support ► 1300chocad (1300 246 223)

Chocolate Business 2.2.17

Welcome to 2017 
A little late in getting sorted early 2017 hasn’t meant anybody’s been slacking off • particularly Presenters who are selling and recruiting like it’s May madness already. We’re at a wonderful stage in business where we are bursting at the seams and striving to get to the next step without over capitalising. We’re looking forward to a remarkable year, and love having your involvment while making your own adventure. Cindy is off with a sick husband (home now after a stint in hospital) and Mikkii is getting her wisdom teeth removed after major swelling took over a face we liked just as it was. Annette has joined us in a social media role and has been ordered to promote more freebies. Until next week, Jay and the chocolate loving team at admin.
Jay and Annette hard at work


Our top three Presenters in January have achieved 10 points each towards our 2017 conference Congratulations to

Stephanie Bushnell (WA)
Vanessa Adams (WA)
Kate Ryan (VIC)

(One point = $1 towards conference registration cost in 2017)

Special mentions

Krystal Beurskens (NT) for gaining a full-time role
Stephanie Liddiard (WA) for beginning Tafe
Christine Daley (NSW) for becoming active
Vanessa Whittall (WA) for overcoming personal adversity
Tara Lee (NSW) for booking in to attend an August expo

Welcome to the team

Tara Franklin QLD

Linda Kratzman QLD
Kylie Reeves VIC
Tenielle McDermott TAS
Tracy Dunham QLD
Angela Hewasiribaddana VIC
Fleur Nicholls QLD
Sarah Goss TAS
Jodt Hitchens QLD
Elizabeth Knight QLD

Earn 10% extra commission in February

Due to our catalogue mix up in January we are running this promotion again in February.
Commit today!

February kit upgrade

During February all economy kits will be automatically upgraded to extravagant.
The perfect opportunity to sign up new recruits.

#chocadv tip

From time to time when running multiple Facebook parties simultaneously, you may find yourself in Facebook jail. Facebook jail is a temporary ban for a set time that Facebook imposes when it thinks you are spamming other users. There is no way to remove yourself from jail other than waiting it out.
Below is a list of ways you can avoid jail.
Operate your business from a business page, not a personal profile
Limit how many parties are running simultaneously
Rotate your graphics so that they are not all posted at
the same time and in the same order
Eg. Party 1 graphics are posted 1,2,3,4,5; Party 2 graphics are posted 5,4,3,2,1
Slightly change the wording with each post you send out
Try to avoid posting to multiple pages or events in a short period of time
Try to avoid friend requesting people you do not already have an established relationship with
Try to avoid private messaging people you are not already friends with
Only use images you are 100% certain you have permission to useFor a more detailed explanation please check out
How to Avoid “Facebook Jail” or “Facebook Time Out” for Your Direct Selling Business by Karen Clark.

Presenter support line to provide support, motivation, empowerment and to
help you build your Chocad business 0433 432 299
All admin enquiries for ordering, payment, freight, tech support etc 1300chocad (1300 246 223)

Chocolate Business 01/12/16


As a company we jump hurdles to keep Presenters and guests happy. We have a great track record which pays off by your understanding when we do make a mistake. It paid off this week when we despatched the wrong hamper to Trish Knight in WA. Not a problem said Trish… it’s a gift. Rather than being a costly mistake for us, Trish has given us the incentive to spoil her in the future. And it’s officially the jolly season. Jay and the chocolate loving team at admin.

When placing an order!
Admin would love an invoice number for all future payments as a reference, followed by the guest name or order number.

Feeling nervous before a presentation?
Feeling nervous before making a presentation is entirely natural. Despite having given hundreds of presentations many well-seasoned teachers, lecturers and other Presenters feel nervous beforehand.
Being nervous is not a problem or a weakness, you just need to channel your nervous energy wisely.
The symptoms of nerves can include “butterflies” or a queasy feeling in your stomach, sweaty palms, a dry throat and the panic that your mind has gone blank about your opening lines.
Fortunately, there are some strategies and techniques to manage your nerves so that you can concentrate on delivering an effective and engaging presentation.

#chocadv tip
Not to be confused with a BFF from High School, but BBFs are not the type to tell you what you want to hear, but what you NEED to hear. They are not there to hold your hand, but to push you out of your comfort zone to become a better business person. BBFs are about support, encouragement, and inspiration. BBFs know that there is no such thing as competition and that there is enough “pie” for everyone. BBFs have a bond that each other can share openly, safely, between two like-minded business owners.  BBFs are about staying positive, even when things aren’t going well, and laughing at yourself so you don’t take things too seriously. BBFs will help to throw you back on the “wagon” as needed, and not let you stay on the ground too long.  If you haven’t found a BBF yet, it’s time to do so!

Chocolate Business 10/11/16


Years ago at a breakfast function I by chance became involved in a conversation. That conversation led us to carpooling to more functions and many more conversations. The friendship has become so strong that we continue to meet weekly. It’s nice to appreciate great friendships and the fate that brought our roads to cross. Jay and the chocolate loving team at admin.

Delivery time

Orders are processed and despatched within two working days of final payment and most often the next working day. We use Startrack who are affiliated with Australia Post. A tracking ID is emailed directly to Presenters. It is important that Presenters forward to their customers as approx dates of arrival are included.
The following is a rough guide to arrival dates.
1 to 4 business days
3 to 6 business days
WA and NT
5 to 10 business days
Add 1-2 business days for non-metro
Add 1-2 business days for busy times

During peak periods, such as Christmas and Easter we recommend being cautious about promising specific delivery dates

Spring cleaning your business

Make new goals, and assess if your current systems holding you back. This video explains how Julie Anne Jones completes her spring clean. Well worth a look, as she explains how she does it and why.

As a part of your spring clean, conduct a review of your Social media content on page 119 of our complete guide

Yearly social media review

Once a year conduct a review of your previous social media contents. This will help you know which mediums and posts got you the most responses and which was the most effective and efficient you can be. To help you do this complete a visual checklist and consider completing a Facebook visual planner each year. These files are located in OneDrive.

#chocadv tip

Ever notice that with children they tend to want a specific toy? For example a specific toy that’s rolled under the couch, never mind there are five other toys on the floor in the house, the child wants THAT toy and will do ANYTHING to get it! So we ask you, what is YOUR toy? What is it that YOU want that no matter what you will spend as much time as possible to obtain? More money? More Parties? A bigger team? More importantly, what is your “couch”? What is holding you back from grabbing that toy? Identify it and then work towards a way to move that couch out of the way so you can get YOUR toy!