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Sacrifices to Grow your Business


Podcast Covers:
How Jo got started with direct selling
Jo’s first attempt at network marketing
What to do if your partner is negative about direct selling
Why sacrifice can mean everything about your business
Why sacrifice is challenging for the ordinary person
What if your sacrifice doesn’t give you the expected ROI
Practice to let go
Top tips when making tough decisions
Jo’s recommended resources to grow your business
What excites Jo about this industry and the future of direct selling.

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Team building for success

Team Building

How to build your team to be the most successful they can be. Covers what to do with a new recruit, keeping your team motivated, team development, training tips and so much more… PODCAST available HERE.

Content covered:

How she started with her direct selling business

What’s so exciting about team development?

How Gina helps a new consultant get started

Gina’s tips on building a successful team

Leader retention and the secret on how to keep them motivated

Training tips and what works best

Team development and why you should learn about personality styles

The book that made a difference in Gina’s life

Direct selling lifestyle – the good and the great side of the business

The secrets to building a team FAST!!!

Fast Team

Lots of great hints and tips for building your team fast. Click HERE for full podcast.

Content Includes:
Why Nikki is passionate about teamwork
The secret to building a team – FAST
How to create team synergy
Tips for building a successful team
Team retention strategies
Training strategy
Book and resource recommendations
The benefits of direct selling lifestyle

Attitude is Everything


The secret to being successful and achieving everything you dream about is all in your attitude. Check out this podcast and see how it has helped Tracy to overcome her challenges. Click HERE for podcast.

Content Includes:
How Tracy got started with direct selling
How to beat your busyness
What’s so interesting about attitude?
How to handle people with attitude issues
Tips on overcoming your personal attitude
Should you care about your attitude as a business person?
Daily habits to help you succeed
Tracy’s recommended resources to help you succeed in direct selling
Should you get a mentor?
What excites Tracy about this business

Three Essential Habits for your business

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Content Covered:

  • Karen’s story on how she got started with direct selling
  • What Karen thought about the direct selling business
  • The impact of direct selling business in Karen’s life
  • Why habit stood out from the list of topics she wanted to discuss
  • The poem that changed her life.
  • Why Karen thinks that habit is the key to success
  • Three habits every leader need to develop
  • The Employee Mindset vs the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Building confidence in your team members – how Karen did it.
  • Karen’s resources and book recommendations

Following a system for success

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Content Include:

  • How Stacey got involved in direct selling
  • How Stacey thinks her life is if she’s not into direct selling
  • Why systems is a very interesting topic for her and why it’s important in the business
  • How systems were introduced to Stacey
  • Top three mistakes people make when creating a system
  • How systems evolve and adapt
  • Should you solicit team involvement in creating a system
  • Stacey’s mentors and inspirations
  • Stacey’s book recommendations

Secrets of working from home

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Content Included:

  • Pauline’s short story on how it all began for her with direct selling
  • The secret to running a business from home (with 10 children)
  • The impact of direct selling in Pauline’s life and family life
  • How to be organised as a work at home mum
  • Pauline’s tips to being successful in business
  • Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise
  • How to stay focused in a distracted environment
  • Should you dress up even when working at home?
  • The value of business mentoring
  • The benefits of a direct selling lifestyle